Get Off the Bus

I was supposed to write the fourth installment to a not-so-recent series regarding faith and holiness and judgment. I couldn’t finish it. Not for lack of time. Not for lack of motivation. Not even for an unwillingness to write something I don’t like. Sometimes we must write and breathe and keep going even when it’s … Continue reading Get Off the Bus


Faith, Holiness, and Judgment Part 3: A Lighthouse

I once sang Mahler’s Resurrection Symphony with Leonard Slatkin and the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. The historic hall sits on Woodward Ave., just north of downtown Detroit. The inside is beautiful ornaments of red and gold—the old wooden floor of the stage marked with scratches from the best musicians of the twentieth century. And most importantly, … Continue reading Faith, Holiness, and Judgment Part 3: A Lighthouse

An Argument for a Substantive Communion

An elderly woman in the front row was having a heart attack. The church had wooden pews and stained-glass windows of various biblical scenes. Speaking from the large maple-wood pulpit, the priest was halfway through his sermon when the woman showed signs of trouble. The couple sitting along the same pew slid over to her to help. In hushed whispers, … Continue reading An Argument for a Substantive Communion